Embrace The Wild

I came home late that night. After fucking and sucking thirty-five different people, there was actual work to be done. When I got home, Ralph was waiting up. I tried to rush past him, but he wouldn’t let me pass. He told me he had stopped by the office this morning, to bring my briefcase, which I had left behind. He told me he saw be having sex with all those different people.

I didn’t know what to say, he wasn’t angry, he looked so hurt, and so very sad. However, with the scent of sex all over my body, I was starting to be turned on by the thought of him seeing me in my full, wild, sexual glory.

I simply asked him if what he saw turned him on. He looked away. In a disgusted voice, he called me a whore.

I know it shouldn’t have, but his calling me what I had become turned me on even more. I could feel my vaginal juices starting to flow.

“Ralph,” I said, as I undid my dress. “Tell me the truth, have you ever been unfaithful?”

He said nothing.

I then asked him if he ever wanted to fuck a slut.

He didn’t answer, but I could tell what his answer was.

I slipped off my dress and took off my undergarments.

The mixed aroma escaped from between my legs and rapidly filled the living room.

He looked up at me, but still didn’t talk. I crossed the room toward him, and asked, “How would you like to be fucked by this slut?”

He looked down at his feet, and still didn’t talk. I could see the outline of his cock starting to press against his shorts. I grabbed his hand and put it inside of me. Initially, he tried to resist, but I held it firm. I asked him if he wanted me to fuck him as he’s never been fucked.

Ralph said nothing. He had one finger in me, with prompting he soon had four. I squirmed up and down on his hand. The deposits of so many men mixed with my wetness were now coating his hand. I removed it and brought it to my mouth. I sucked off all that was there. His eyes remained averted, but the shape in his shorts told another story.

“I fucked more than a dozen men today, and even more women.”

I swear I purred.

“Now I want to fuck you.”

Ralph still said nothing. I moved my hand to his shorts and pulled them down to his ankles. I tried to make eye contact with him, but he still wouldn’t look at me.

“Ralph, my dear husband, I’ve embraced the wild — and you are going to be glad I did.”e5e36-embrace2bthe2bwild

He finally looked at me. I locked with his eyes, and maintained eye contact as I fell to my knees. I kept looking at him as I took his dick in both of my hands. Without ever breaking eye contact I started to stroke his cock, it became harder than I had ever felt it before.

I asked him if he wanted to see what I’ve learned. He nodded in the affirmative, and in one motion, I lowered my head and inhaled his entire cock. It didn’t take long before his come hit the inside of my mouth. I kept sucking even as there was no more ejaculate flowing.

I stood up in front of him. I played with his deposit, letting some of it run out onto my chin. I took his hands I placed them on my breasts. I told him to paw at me, to maul my tits. Ralph, who hadn’t touched my breasts since our dating years, pulled, tugged and pinched at my nipples. He was angry, and I played upon that anger. Encouraging him to continue to be rougher. I told him to slap me in the face. He was no longer reluctant, his slap stung, and my face immediately swelled red. I told him to strike me again, and again.

Ralph, for the first time in forever, was acting like a man who enjoyed sex. I had his entire fist in me and came in wave after wave. Yet, I was still unsatisfied.

I laid him on his back and mounted his erection. It had to be a full two inches longer than it had ever been. I leaned forward, arching my back slightly, and began pounding his cock inside of me. I asked him if he liked my cunt. He said he loved it. I made him say he loved my cunt. He did. I was in complete control. I pounded down upon him, fucking him harder than I had ever fucked anyone.

Ralph grabbed my head and brought it to his. He asked me how many men there had been. I told him so many, and there were going to be so many more. He called be a filthy whore.

she is the new saviorI told him I was, and he was being fucked by a filthy, adulterous whore. He pulled my hair, and I screamed in delight. I couldn’t believe how incredible this was, for the first time ever, I was enjoying sex with the man to whom I pledged my undying love and devotion.

To see the light, we must enter the darkness.

Chase new experiences, and embrace the wild.

Scono Sciuto is the voice of Female Erotic Empowerment.



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