Freedom Is The Wild

To Be Free She Embraced The Wild

embrace the wildI have broken the shackles of a repressed sexuality and I proclaim that I am a joyful and lustful being.

It hasn’t always been that way. I am a fifty year old woman and after a twenty-five year marriage, I was about to get divorced. But something happened that changed my life — forever.

I was a dutiful wife. I took care of husband, house and home. For twenty-four of those years, I was faithful. I accepted my role as my husband’s property. I cooked, cleaned, mended clothing, and when my husband had the need, threw open my legs and did my wifely duty. Sadly, I wasted the bulk of my adult life buying into what both my religion and society had condition me to believe about sex, sexuality, love, monogamy and my role of how to perform as a woman under such conditions. I was probably a lot like you, living a mundane existence and experiencing a limited sexual life. Satisfaction was not relevant, because I was convinced that it was about making love and not about the sex.

I have awakened. It isn’t about the love and love making — it is all about one thing, the glorious, heart-pounding, breathtaking, life-affirming, earth-shaking, windows-shattering, screaming at the top of my lungs sex! It is about being brought to orgasm and giving orgasm for my own instinctual desire. It is about sucking and being sucked. It is about opening my legs not for some esoteric, poetic lovemaking ideal. Now, I am spreading open wide my legs because it is about the pure animalistic act of getting fucked and fucking, and I fuck back with unbridled and unparalleled vigor and passion. I will engage with whomever I want, whenever I want, wherever I want —she is the new savior sex is about pleasure for pleasure’s sake.


I have been freed, and for the rest of my years, each and every day, I will seek, search, and, most importantly, embrace the wild.


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