The Wait Has Ended

tumblr_mvcc7bofdn1svxqt3o1_400Starting at your feet, slowly I run my hands up your legs, rubbing each part of your flesh. Soon my hands are followed by my mouth, kissing your legs, moving up from your feet. Each kiss is gentle, and lingers before moving to the next spot.

My tongue stops at your knee. At the front I make circles, a preview of what will be to come, and from the back, I take tiny bites, tugging gently at the skin, sucking what is between my teeth.

After taking time to kiss your knees, I once again return my way upward. The flesh of your thighs is cool and inviting, I work my way onward, I look up and stare admirably at that patch of heaven I only dreamed of ever seeing – let alone touching, let alone tasting.

As I continue upward, my goal in sight, a sweet scent of pheromone laced sensuality wafts to my nose. I inhale deeply, my heart is racing,  for so long I have desired but a mere taste, and now, so close, soon I will feast.

I pause but a mere inches from your sexual area. I want to move toward it, I want to ravish that for which I have longed. Yet fear, anticipation, too much excitement – freezes me. I reach up with my hand, gently I glide the tips of my fingers along the outside. Your hairs feel like spun silk. Slight moisture reflects the sunlight as Sol shines upon Eden.
Your body responds to my touch, your thighs part slightly, inviting further entreaty. With both hands, I softly massage the mound of flesh on each side of your entrance . My hands part your wild, unkempt bush – so as I may glimpse the supple light colored skin which your dark hairs have kept covered.
I am drawn to your waiting spot, my body quivers – there is apprehension. I have imagined this moment many times.  I spread back you soft and sensitive vaginal lips. I open them just a bit more, exposing that for which I hunger.
I extend my tongue, and with only the tip, I sample your flavor. I close my eyes – not the finest wine, nor the sweetest chocolate could ever illicit such joy.
I extended my tongue as far as I can, placing your clit as far to the back as possible. I hold down pressure. Then slowly, very slowly, I retract. Your wetness coats every inch of its surface, filling each and every taste bud – the essence is like nothing I have ever sampled before.
Once at the tip of my tongue, I enclose your clit with my lips, gently sucking, slightly pulling and tugging  – all the while keeping the tip of my tongue in contact with the tip of your clit.
I lick with ever increasing pressure and speed. As your body starts to tremble, I place my index finger within. I curl it so that, through your flesh, it makes contact with my tongue. As you start to come, I slow my pace, but keep the pressure, coaxing you to an orgasm the likes of which you may never have experienced
I kiss you there, then I kiss you stomach and next to your breasts. I admire your incredible bosom, those of which your pictures exhibited with just enough covered to push my mind to create unending fantasies. I kiss the skin between them. my mouth and tongue move from breast to breast, sucking at the tip of the nipple, as I gently hold it between my teeth.
Finally, my mouth meets yours. You taste you upon me, the mix of the wetness of your mouth and vaginal secretions is the sweetest sin.Angelic Adultery
With no effort, I penetrate you. The head of my sexuality slips past your entrance. The feeling as your body takes me within is as if neither has experienced another. My passion intensifies, many nights I have brought myself to ejaculation imaging this very moment.
My pace remains the same, but the force of each movement forward increases. Your body sways beneath mine. My pubic bone applies pressure to your clit. Soon, together, we achieve orgasm.
I fall forward on top of you. Your arms and legs embrace my body. Still erect, I remain within.
Finally, after so many years, we are one. Your marriage does not make you one with another, our passion makes us one with each other.





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