The First Woman President

satin coverAlliah casually knocked her napkin off the table and Mrs. Anthony knelt to the floor to pick it up. The younger woman opened her legs slightly, unveiling not only her damp vaginal mound, but she gave Mrs. Anthony a glimpse of her interior, pink, sugar walls. Mrs. Anthony stayed on her knee just a moment too long. It was long enough that Alliah feigned embarrassment and brought her legs together.

Mrs. Anthony had not been sexual with her husband in years. Her last female affair had ended more than six months before. She was usually in control, but the glimpses of Alliah’s inviting body encouraged her to be bold. She invited Alliah to accompany her across the street – to her office. Alliah hemmed and hawed for a few minutes — enough to let Mrs. Anthony think this was new to her, but not too long as to make the rammy first lady nervous. They finished their coffee and croissants and

went across the street. Once in the doors of the Violet Law Offices, Dee Anthony instructed the secretary that she was to clear her morning and they were not to be disturbed. Dee led Alliah back to her spacious corner office. The large windows framed incredible views of downtown Jackson. She led the nubile woman to an oversized, cushy sofa.

Alliah sat as Dee drew the blinds. Once the room was darkened, Dee Anthony locked the door and slowly walked back to the sofa. Alliah was perched on the end of the cushion. She was completely upright, legs together and her hands folded atop her knees. Her eyes scanned the room back and forth. She avoided eye contact with the Governor’s wife. Alliah perfectly played the frightened, inexperienced ingénue.

Dee Anthony sat close to her, but far enough away not to invade Alliah’s space. Alliah confided that this was all very new to her. She had never been with a woman.

Dee told her that it was okay. She explained that they were friends and they were developing affection for one another. This was simply the next logical step. Alliah told her she was unsure. She stood up and made a motion for the door, thought better of it and sat back down. She relaxed her body language, dropping her tense guard, inviting Dee to come closer.

Dee nudged nearer until she was able to reach out and touch Alliah’s face. She touched her, moving to her neck and down her arm. She took Alliah’s hand in hers and brought it to her mouth. She firmly kissed the nervous young girls hand.

She worked her way up her arm, all the while pulling her closer and closer. Finally, the two women were face to face. Dee kissed her neck and worked her way up to her lips. Alliah hesitantly accepted Dee’s kiss. Alliah’s hesitancy was only partially an act. Dee’s kisses were rough, almost masculine. Dee’s kisses were delivered in a way to dominate, not please. This turned her off, but she re-grouped and her pause seemed like a natural reaction — Dee was none the wiser.

Alliah continued hesitantly to accept her kisses and then finally, gingerly, kissed her back. She intensified her actions slightly and kissed Dee in a way that she had never been kissed before. The passion from Alliah instantly soaked the older women’s underwear. She was over the edge and she ripped open Alliah’s blouse, exposing her beautiful breasts.

She was rough with Alliah — pawing, twisting and grabbing her. Alliah wanted to take control, but knew that she just had to play along. Mrs. Anthony  worked her mouth down to below Alliah’s waist. Her level of roughness worsened.

She bit savagely as she lowered her mouth to Alliah’s tender, exposed skin.

Alliah managed to stay turned on and a wet, sloshing noise greeted Dee as she forced her finger inside. Alliah groaned in pain. This pleased Mrs. Anthony. It was obvious by now that Dee was not making love to Alliah. Dee Anthony was, in a way, if there was such a thing, committing consensual rape.

This was not about sex.

It was not about love.

It was about — domination.

Embrace the dark wild to see Her true light.



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