A Lustful God?

For God is the Most Controversial Story Ever Told!

It is true that man is a sex driven animal, constantly lusting for carnal activities. It also true that God created man in his image……….

And, more importantly,


 God created woman…

Actually, He created plenty of women, but there was one woman in particular — a very special woman. One whom He created for Himself.  She was fashioned to be an insatiable, sexual creature – exuding erotica in every aspect of her being. From her voluptuous curves, to her perfectly sized and shaped breasts and ass, to the look in her eye, to the whispery quality of her voice, even to the color of her lips that gave rise to her nickname. Everything about her salaciously screamed sex. Most importantly was her natural fragrance — for every opening of her glory filled body exuded a pheromone laced carnal calling card.

This Embrace The Wild Fantasy, an e-novelette, contains adult content and themes.


Angelic AdulteryScono Sciuto is this generation’s hottest new author and the voice of erotic empowerment.

A unique storyteller, Scono combines erotica with awareness,

embrace the wild

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